In April of 2017 I joined television news crews from several TV stations for a trip to the USS Eisenhower – the goal was to meet and talk to some of the men and women from across the USA serving onboard and bring home the story about what life is like on the floating city of 5,000 – average age, 22.

In particular, my co-worker Erik and I were there to take pictures and videos for use online, to accompany more traditional news footage the reporter and photographer crews were there to capture.  We brought my trusty Nikon digital camera and an assortment of lenses along with a GoPro Hero 5, a GoPro Omni 360 degree rig, a smaller Ricoh Theta S 360 camera, and a few other assorted devices.

Departing from LP-1 at Norfolk Naval Air Station we flew in a C-2A Greyhound for about an hour before meeting up with the Eisenhower 100 miles off Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

After an amazing trap-landing, we got out and made our way on to the deck and then into a receiving room to be welcomed onboard.

You don’t really realize how special it is to arrive by plane and get caught by a trap wire until you understand that pretty much everyone on the ship got on in port and will get off in port and does not get to fly in-and-out.

Here are some photos from this amazing 28 hours at sea.