Amazing Video With Terrible Soundtrack

Aside from the completely craptacular soundtrack – this video is absolutely amazing.

It’s shot using a new 360 degree camera, so click around the video while it’s playing and you’ll be able to see exactly what I’m talking about.

Thanks to Gizmodo

iPhone App Review: Camera +”

A few weeks ago I bought the latest version of the “Camera+” app for my iPhone 4;  it’s a great (and cheap) upgrade to the standard “camera” app on the iPhone.

The temptation to go crazy with filters and effect is definitely there – the HDR feature in particular makes pictures blow up with color and definition, but it’s super-easy to go overboard with it so remember to use the slider to dial the effect back a bit if you use it!

I’m really liking the ability to crop, use the “Ansel” filter, and add a border to come up with images like the one below – taken a few days ago in downtown Chicago.

Google and Groupon

Really interesting to read this morning that Google is starting up Google Offers – after Google and Groupon just couldn’t make things work.

And the terms Google is offering to businesses are very business-friendly (80% payment 3 days after the deal closes)…which makes it even more interesting.

Plus – the folks over at Hacker News bring up a great point – if Google takes even 1 billion dollars of the 6 billion they would have spent on Groupon, they could put around 1 million dollars a day toward offering great deals to customers by covering some of the costs of doing deals like these .

You can see the full pitch by Google here:  Google Offers Document