App we built saves lives in OKC tornado

One of the apps our team built for KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City showed up in a video the local newspaper took where a woman who lost her house explained how she survived;  turns out she was using 4WarnMe to watch live coverage from KFOR right up until cell service went out.

Pretty wild to have an app we built, make a difference like that:


Helping; Using jQuery to transition between ‘before’ and ‘after’ images

It’s been a wild week at work helping in Oklahoma City cover the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

One interesting thing I built today was a spin on images I saw after Hurricane Sandy – where (I think) the New York Times took ‘before’ and ‘after’ satellite photos and used a slider to let users compare images.

When I saw Google’s new imagery of the tornado area I knew I had to build something similar, and I wanted to do it before anyone else in the media did.

So it was off to stack overflow and some other places to figure it out – I knew I wanted to use jQuery, so that was an easy place to start.

Pretty quickly I found a way to do it, and it was even a WordPress plugin, but that would have taken some work get up and running on WordPress VIP, so I decided that using code and running the images in an iFrame would be best.

With that, I found Classy Compare – within a few minutes I had the HTML together and pulled some images to use, and the resulting project came together quite nicely and has been well received by our audience – you can check it out here:

Interactive Images:  Moore Tornado before and after on

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 8.22.16 PM

WordPress VIP Workshop at the Carneros Inn

I had the good fortune to spend the last week at the WordPress VIP Intensive Developer Workshop at the amazing Carneros Inn in the Napa Valley of California.

I’m going to write more soon about the actual workshop, but here are a few photos from the Inn – it’s really a great place and I hope to visit again either for next years conference, or with my family.