Riding UberX Chicago

I’m a huge fan of Uber – let me just say that first.

I recently stopped using a different completely unreliable car service after a very bad experience and switched to Uber for 100% of my airport transport needs.

I’ve used Uber taxi, and used Uber Black (town car) but had not had a chance to try UberX until today.

UberX Chicago is postitioned by Uber as something ‘between’ a cab, and a town car;  needing a ride to Midway I saw an UberX very close (like 2 minutes) from my house and requested the car.

I got a confirmation almost immediately from Sergio, and then a quick voice call – and he pulled up in a nice, clean VW Passat.

It was then I realized – wow, I’m literally just getting into some guys car!

Like, I put my bag in the trunk along with some of his stuff that was already in there.

He was like, “Midway, oh man…yeah, ok, let’s go” – and off we went.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 1.45.51 PM

I’ve got to be honest – it was a little strange – the driver was nice enough, and the trip was pretty much half the cost of using Uber Black, and even about $5 less than using a cab – but hopping into a random guy’s car was just a little too weird for me – I think I’m going to stick with hailing a cab, or Uber Taxi, or Uber Black.

The whole experience reminded me of getting a cab in South America – like anyone can get a ‘TAXI’ sign and become a cab at any moment – I know Uber is more legit than that, but like I said – the idea of UberX is neat, but I’m not totally sold on the execution of it.


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